Urban Sensographies: The Ignorant Camera

These works were created as part of the AHRC funded project Sensing the City, which ran from 2017 – 2020.

Urban Sensographies, a book charting the work of the group of researchers who used arts and humanities methods to create an embodied mapping of the urban space of Coventry has just been published by Routledge. this book includes a chapter entitled ‘The Ignorant Camera’ which describes my part of this project.

Below are a set of films that I produced as part of this project:

Coventry Radiant City (Michael Lightborne, video, 80 mins, 2020)

Ring Road Ring (Michael Lightborne, vinyl and digital album, Gruen195, 2020)

Released on vinyl and digital by Gruenrekorder. Order the vinyl here and available in the UK via Juno here. You can listen to and purchase the digital version on Bandcamp here and below. Find out more about this aspect of the project here.

Ring Road Ring installation shot
Installation shot from Herbert Gallery, Jan 2020

For a Road Can Be a Thing of Beauty (Michael Lightborne, 2 screen video installation, 47 mins, 2020)

Above is a 7 minute excerpt from the installation, that combines the two screens into one video.

Installation shot from Herbert Gallery, Jan 2020







A Catalogue of the Great Buildings of Coventry (Michael Lightborne, video, 260 mins, 2020)

A Catalogue of the Great Buildings of Coventry (at great speed) (Michael Lightborne, video, 5 mins, 2020)

Coventry Looking Up (Michael Lightborne, video installation, 29 mins, silent, 2020)

This film was displayed on a circular viewing table, using a downward projection, to reference the archaic viewing technology of the camera obscura. Here the film is presented in 16:9 rectangular format, and silent.

Installation shots from Herbert Gallery and Museum, January 2020:





Balloon Tactic (Michael Lightborne, video installation, 3 mins, silent, 2020)

Balloon Tactic was displayed alternately with Coventry Looking Up on a circular viewing table, as above.